The Marsh


By contrasting static elements with fluid marks and defining the very basic division of space on the page, the world is portrayed in severely simplified images without many details yet informative. My work addresses landscape as the art of selection and balance and explores how representation can wander towards abstraction with my mind images progressing from the first impression of detailed precision to a printed image of a more gestural suggestion of ever changing luminous atmosphere.




“Land & Water                            Wood Intaglio 2008                                                                              Paper Size 44″h x 32″w        Image Size 40″h x 28″w     SOLD






“Land and Water” Detail





“Marsh Perspective”                Wood Intaglio 2014                                                                               Paper Size 52″h x 36″w         Image Size 44″h x 291/2″w      $900.






“Marsh View”                             Wood Intaglio 2014                                                                                 Paper Size 21″h x 30″w       Image Size 151/2″h x 231/2″w       SOLD






“Night Marsh”                                    Wood Intaglio 2014                                                                        Paper Size 29″h x 241/2″w        Image Size 25″h x 22″w         $700.






“July Marsh”                              Wood Intaglio 2012                                                                                      Paper Size 26″h x 33″        Image Size 191/2″h x 27″w         $900.






“The Walk”                              Wood Intaglio and Collagraph 2010                                                   Paper Size 22″h x 14″        Image Size 17″h x 10″w             SOLD






“September Marsh”             Wood Intaglio and Collagraph 2014                                                     Paper Size 34″h x 30″w     Image Size 30″h x 26″w       SOLD