Found Landscapes


“Morning Reflections”            Collagraph 2014                                                                                        Paper Size 30″h x 231/2″w   Image Size 231/2″h x 171/2″w          $450.






It is this sense of place that I strive to capture when I set out to explore and document my surroundings. The subject matter ultimately evolves to become my sense of the water, the air, the stillness, and the moment spent in these found places.






“Summer Storm #1”                      Collagraph 2011                                                                                   Print Size 19″h x 26″w               $550.






“Summer Storm #1”                 Collagraph 2011                                                                                        Print Size 19″h x 26″w          $550.






“Different Days”                             Collagraph 2011                                                                                 Paper Size 301/2″h x 43″w     Image Size 201/2″h x 29″w     SOLD






“Summer Night”                   Collagraph 2013                                                                                              Paper Size 30″h x 18″w   Image Size 26″h x 14″w     SOLD






“The River”     Collagraph 2010     Print Size 20″h x 141/2″w       $450.





“Reflections”     Collagraph 2009    Paper Size 22″h x 16″w     Image Size 18″h x 12″w      SOLD






“Hills”       Collagraph 2009      Paper Size 15″h x 22″w    Image Size 11″h x18″w       SOLD






“The Hill”      Collagraph 2007    Paper Size 20″h x18″     Image Size 16″h x 14″w        SOLD






“Summer Walk”          Collagraph 2007            Print Size 24″h x 72″w        $1300.






Grass”     Collagraph 2008       Paper Size 20″h x 18″w     Image Size 16″h x 14″w       SOLD






“The Marsh”    Collagraph 2008  Paper Size 20″h x 18″w   Image Size 16″h x 14″w     SOLD